EV Hive | How to Develop a Low Cost & High Impact Marketing Strategy for your Startup


Let’s face it, growing a startup is hard work. A lot of the marketing tactics you may have read or heard about won’t work the same way for newly launched companies as they do for more established ones. Rather than focusing on awareness and branding, your goal should be to generate conversions and revenue and all that at the lowest CPA possible.

Easier said than done! If you want to learn how the hottest startups in Indonesia were able to grow their companies, come join us for our panel discussion on 14th July. During this session, we will talk about strategies, tactics, tools, processes and “hacks” you can use to achieve your growth targets!


You will learn:

  • How to acquire your first 1,000 users

  • How to refine your marketing messaging to attract and convert the right audience

  • How to segment and target your customer personas

  • What metrics to look at and how to measure success

  • What tools to use to automate processes and accelerate growth

  • Pros and cons of different acquisition channels

  • How long it takes to develop a scalable and repeatable growth strategy and the steps to take to get there

  • What mistakes to avoid


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14 July 2017

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