Why EV Hive


Who we are

EV Hive is a VC backed coworking space in Indonesia that promotes knowledge sharing and community building as its core value. We invite you to grow your startup with us. EV Hive allows you to thrive as an exceptional base for collaboration and innovation supported by like-minded people. At EV Hive, you can learn from coworkers at various business stages by connecting with the community. Participate in our events ranging from panel discussions, workshops, one-on-one mentor sessions to networking nights for free. We aim to be the catalyst to your success. Our community managers will kindly assist in finding your potential partners within the desired field. Additionally, East Ventures has multiple portfolios that will help your startup infrastructure building in setting up legal, human resources and financial systems. Explore the potential professionals around the space and get ready to be inspired.

What you will get

Beautiful Workspace

High Speed Internet

Mailing Address

Free Flow Coffee

Storage Space

Weekly Events


With a vision to build up the Indonesian Startup Ecosystem through knowledge-sharing, EV Hive lets you thrive in an exceptional base for collaboration and innovation with the support from like-minded people. We are more than just a place for work, we are a community that grows and becomes successful together.

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We host a series of weekly knowledge-sharing sessions such as BizTalks, TechTalks to help you flourish your business. Learn from industry experts and executives from established organizations such as Google and GoJek and successful startups like Traveloka, Tokopedia and many more! EV Hive members could also attend exclusive internal events to get to know your Co-workers.

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EV Hive is constantly expanding our diverse network of entrepreneurs and tech-communities so our members gains exposure and connect. Being backed by East Ventures, EV Hive members enjoy multitudes of opportunities for networking beyond the internal community and investor exposure

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EV Hive provides programs such as Coding classes, UI/UX Classes in partnership with relevant institutions, to cater to the demand for practical skills. We want your business to grow and nurture with useful skills

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Being an EV Hive member you can enjoy benefits from partner companies that alleviate troublesome business process such as HRD, Back office tools, Development Infrastructure and Company Events.

Event Partners

Community Partners


Designed with startups and small businesses in mind, EV Hive is a community-driven workspace created to foster creative collaborations between community members. Work in a space that features natural lighting and incorporates plant fixtures that augments a productive ambience but if that isn’t enough, you can enjoy a well stocked pantry with free flow coffee.

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Beautiful Spaces

Creatively designed by leading architects and interior designers, this space was specifically designed to create an ambience to encourage productivity where you can work for hours and still feel comfortable.

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Tech Integrated

EV Hive integrates technology with our operations so you can work at ease where connecting with members, managing your membership and browsing through events and benefits can be done all on one platform.

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Ergonomic Furniture

With your health and wellness in mind, you can use ergonomic furniture that improves the physical, cognitive and social experience of working at EV Hive Spaces.

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Customizable Facility

EV Hive facilities were made to cater to your needs with various membership types, flexible use of space and open partnerships. Meeting rooms, event space, a day or a month office, your choice!

Space Backers

Landlord Partners


New business opportunities emerge in an environment that is filled with the latest technology and individuals who know how to turn ideas into success. EV Hive establish creative and innovative space by integrating technology in our system and offerings, improving efficiency, productivity and delivering value to all stakeholders.

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Member Platform

EV Hive members get access to the EV Hive Internal Software where you can manage conference room bookings, membership payments, and stay updated with our events. Connect with other members in forums, and don’t forget to check for discounts and member perks in our member benefit section!

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Tech Talks

Learn from the brightest and leading experts relating to Tech for your business, from Tech Communities such as JLP and renowned speakers from various tech startups like Carousell, Mirai Apps and more.

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Tech improves Productivity

In partnerships with Jurnal, Rekruta and Jojonomic, EV Hive Members will get exclusive deals to help assist with the inconvenient business processes and help you focus on growing your business.

Education Partners

Tech Partners

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